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If you’re like so many people, you've tried fad diets or extreme workouts in an effort to look, feel, and move better. You may have even been successful—for a little while—but have now found yourself back where you started. And not only do you look, feel, and move the same as you did before (or worse), you're now frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed by all the seemingly conflicting information there is out there.

Ultimately, we want to be leaner, stronger, more confident versions of ourselves.

We want to feel physically and mentally strong, capable of taking on any challenge without worrying that our energy levels or bodyweight will get in the way. We want to run around with our kids without feeling pain, tired, or stupid, and then do it again the next day. We want to excitedly book a beach vacation without wondering how we’ll look and feel in a swimsuit. We want to take control of our health, fitness, and nutrition without everything else taking a backseat.

This is why I created 28:Tenn Fitness.


In my 20+ as a fitness and nutrition coach, I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve learned no two clients are the same. I’ve learned that regardless of how hard you work, you can’t outwork a poor diet. I’ve learned that it takes more than an awesome training program and diet plan to achieve life-changing results. I’ve learned that you are the hero of your story and that I’m simply a part of it.

As a husband to a remarkable woman, father to three amazing children, and coach to committed clients who share a vision to become better versions of themselves, I’m responsible for the care of others. But that responsibility begins with taking care of myself.

And this brings me to you.

Like me, you’ve many things vying for your attention—work, money, spouse, kids, parents, clients, boss, 
to-dos—and these things become your life. For many, though, this life has become a reason to neglect their health, fitness, nutrition, and body.

But how has having a life become a reason to not take care of it!?

What is it about your life that’s keeping you from taking better care of it? What kind of life is it if you don’t look, feel, and move like you want? And would your life be better if you did?
If you’ve come to a point where you’re finally ready to take care of yourself and build the body and life you want but just don’t know where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re ready, if you’re willing, you can do it! And you may be surprised at how simple it can be. Let me show you what and how to do what you need to to become a better version of yourself. I’ve helped dozens of clients look, feel, and move better. And, God willing, I have every intention of helping thousands more. Will you be one of them?

Be strong, and do the work!




A tailored program—backed by science—that will deliver remarkable results based on your wants, needs, and abilities.
  • 2-3 Weekly In-Person Training Sessions
  • Tailored Workouts Based on YOUR Needs
  • Science-Based Programing to Keep It Safe and Effective


Customized nutrition coaching based on your lifestyle. No fads; only science-based programming that will give you the skillsets to succeed.
  • Nutrition Programming Backed by Science 
  • Practice-Based Nutrition Coaching to Build Sustainable Habits
  • 20+ Years of Coaching Experience


Most people are in search of accountability when it comes to coaching. I've got you covered. 
  • Mindset & Skillset Coaching
  • Resources to Support Your Goals
  • Encouragement to Take Action on Your Plan


What doesn't get measured, doesn't get managed. At 28:Tenn Fitness, I make it a priority to check in on where you're at to make sure you're still on the road to where you want to go.
  • Progress Check Every Other Week
  • Course Corrections
  • Resources to Maintain Improvement
 Your information is 100% secured.


"now i feel confident when working out"

Client Spotlight: Amy H.
"Before working with Adam, I found free weights quite intimidating... and some of the machines as well. Adam has taught me how to use them correctly, and now I feel confident with my form when I am working out on my own. He had integrated stretching and weight training into a routine specifically created for me, and I am the strongest I have ever been. He also has provided helpful information on nutrition and eating habits. I enjoy working with Adam because of his positive attitude, fantastic customer service, and the fact that he truly cares about my success"

"you are literally the best trainer ever!"

Client Spotlight: Abby P.
"My struggle was finding a strength and fitness program that worked for me. It frustrated me that I had no structure. It affected my whole lifestyle including fitness, diet, and emotional health. I felt amazing after training with Adam. I lost weight, gained muscle, and toned up. I felt great as well. It's the best shape I've been in my life. You are literally the best trainer ever!"


Client Spotlight: Byron H.


Client Spotlight: Cooper W.

"Adam embodies the definition of a personal trainer"

Client Spotlight: Dr. Brad G.
"I have been working with Adam for over five years, and he embodies the definition of a personal trainer. Though our sessions, I have improved my overall strength, core strength, and flexibility; however, he can cater a program for anyone based on what goals they are trying to attain. Whether you are interested in strength training, weight loss, cardiovascular health, or just mind/body health, Adam is proficient in each. I am also able to talk to Adam about anything. As a physician, I appreciate Adam's fund of knowledge. Adam is the type of trainer that will push you when  needed but will also support you when you need a break. Overall, I can't imagine having a better personal trainer."

"I've attained and maintained the lowest weight I've seen in 15 years"

Client Spotlight: Wes M.
"Before beginning to train with Adam I 'covertly' watched him for several months as he trained other people in the gym. I observed Adam offer superb knowledge, motivation, kindness, and consistency to clients of varying ages and body types through tailored workouts that were clearly drawing out confidence and learned know-how that was leading to positive change. Shortly thereafter I made the easy decision to request his services. In the year since, I've attained and maintained the lowest weight I've seen in 15 years, and the most muscle mass and strength I've ever achieved. I've also experienced great increases in endurance, flexibility, mobility, and an overall feeling of wellness. Put simply, I feel substantially younger."


Client Spotlight: Kelly M.


Client Spotlight: Sam S.

"I got much more than I had expected out of working with him"

Client Spotlight: Sina A.
"Training with Adam has not only made me streamline my workout and waste less time at the gym, but he has also given me valuable knowledge about living a healthier lifestyle. The fact that he tailored a workout to my exact needs (rather than push a routine onto me as I feared of personal trainers) showed me that he had my best interests in mind--and I think this is the key to being a good personal trainer. I got much more than I had expected out of working with him and I was thrilled to see that he hasn't forgotten the 'personal' in 'personal trainer' as he adjusted encouragement and motivational tactics, goals, and nutritional information to my needs."

"Adam has helped me find the tools to feel stronger and healthier than I ever have"

Client Spotlight: Joy W.
"A friend recommended Adam to me a few months after I had my baby boy. Adam takes time to customized my workouts and nutrution goals, according to my needs. He has not only helped me get back to my pre-baby body weight--he has helped me find the tools to feel stronger and healthier than I ever have."


How does the program work?
I offer complete 3-, 6-, and 12-month coaching programs in which we cover everything you'll need to know to get the best results possible. This means we spend a lot of time working on the exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset components essential for achieving incredible results.
How is our time mostly spent?
Strength training will serve as the foundation of your program. You CANNOT look, feel, and move your best without it.  Know, though, that I will ALWAYS have you and your goal top of mind when designing your training program. 
Who is your typical client?
There is no "typical" client. Although I have a heart for helping husbands and fathers of school-aged children, in my 20+ years in this field, I've had the privilege of coaching ALL types of men and women become stronger, healthier, and more energetic versions of themselves!
What is your training philosophy?
I believe exercise and movement should be a celebration of what the body can do, not penance for what you've done. I believe in training movements not muscles.  I believe that if you're serious about improving the way you look, feel, and move, you must do a little bit more a little bit better every time you train.
Will you tell me what to eat?
We don't like being told what to eat. Be honest. Part of you just thought, "Don't tell me I don't like being told what to eat!" YOU have to choose what to eat. After all, if I told you to eat like a carnivore and you're vegetarian, would you? Instead, I will make recommendations and suggestions based on my professional and personal experiences and your personal preferences. We will find what works best for you and fits within the parameters of your life.


If you were to invest the time to study what makes people successful, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t receive consistent coaching in their lives to push them to do their best.

Bill Gates said, “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player. We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

As your coach, I will:
  • Help you define the goals you want to achieve
  • Develop a plan you can execute to achieve those goals
  • Encourage you to take action on the plan
  • ​Hold you accountable to do what you say you’re going to do
  • ​Measure the results to ensure the plan is working
  • ​Refine the plan to make sure you continue to progress
Although I could say this is a limited-time offer, it's not. But if you're ready to finally build the body and life you want . . .
 Your information is 100% secured.
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